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General description

Outside of our professional courses, we hold regular one-week courses throughout the year.

These courses are aimed at riders who, regardless of their experience, want to increase their knowledge and improve their performance.
Courses can be tailored to suit everyone's needs, but most find standard courses of high quality.

From 9 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, on school horses or on your own horse, two to three lessons a day.

Children courses

One of our greatest pleasures is to teach children the love of horse and riding. Properly trained school ponies are trained for this purpose. They are kept in boxes adapted to their sizes and easy to use for children.

Teenagers courses

During all the school holidays, one-week courses are organized for teenagers.
These courses are built for skilled riders who want to prepare for the various Federation's exams.

Beginners and nervous riders courses

Our instructors have specialized in the teaching beginners and nervous riders.
Our school horses are well trained and bring confidence and efficiency quickly to our students.

General Equitation course

This course is for riders of all levels.
The week includes two hours of riding, work on the flat or over fences as well as theoretical lesson per day.
A trail ride can also be included during the week, according to the will of each one.
At the end of the course, the riders could have the opportunity to present the Federation's exams.


This course is oriented according to the level of training of the riders. Great care is taken as to the position of the rider as well as the mastery of the basic work before passing to the more advanced airs.
This course includes two lessons or one lounge for position per day.


Every week of school holidays,
From 7 years old.

Plunge your children into the riding school life!
The children will participate in the stable's duties, close to the horses, care for them, manipulate them and discover all the riding and stable management side.

2 hours lessons are scheduled per day.

Dressage, Show-jumping and Vaulting.

Our children's courses are adapted according to the different levels of each one.


Every week and week-end of the year.

Our adult courses "A la carte" which allow beginners as well as experienced riders to practice intensively, either in Dressage, show jumping or side-saddle.

This course, in the form of private lessons, takes place over half a day with 2 or 3 hours of lessons depending on your choice and availability.

It generally takes place over 3 days but can be adapted according to your schedules.